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The Importance of Father’s Day

Father’s Day is one of the most important holidays to show your dad that you love them. Without Father’s Day we wouldn’t have that one day a year where we can truly celebrate everything that our dad’s have done for us. 

My first Father’s Day

My first Father’s Day we went out bowling when I was old enough and I want a stuffed animal from a claw machine outside of the bowling arena. We then went bowling. My dad taught me for the first time how to bowl, we got food, and took pictures. I was 8 years old. Since he fractured his hand he hasn’t been able to ever bowl again the same. So this Father’s Day I decided to take the picture that we got when we were bowling, and put it inside of Crystal to remember this precious precious moment. The picture is precious little me holding the smallest bowling ball we could find but my dad still had to help me hold it. We took a silly one where I was showing my strength of how strong I was holding the bowling ball and we took a cute one where we were all smiling. I don’t know which picture would look best in a crystal but I know one of them would be amazing so we can remember that moment forever every time we look at the crystal we will see our beautiful smiling faces and remember this amazing time together

Putting my picture in a crystal

I decided to go with the smiling one for my dad.  Now this was a surprise for him, remaking this picture 10 years later. The process was fairly simple. First I went to Han Crystal. As I walked through the mall I saw the perfect place to put this picture, on a crystal! I gave her my photo from my phone. He emailed it to the computer, and then he photoshopped the image taking at least 30 minutes on it making it look it’s very best that It could be. He turned down other customers just so that he could make my picture with the best he could’ve spent zero minutes on it or maybe even five if he was generous however he spent a whole 30 minutes on it which I was so grateful for. After I was happy with the final design and I picked out my shape and size I paid for my order and he gave me a confirmation receipt. I came back a few days later to pick up the Crystal. It was better than I could have ever imagined it to be. Our face shined bright in the light and you could see eight-year-old me with my big old smile and my dad as happy as ever. 

My second crystal

After getting my crystal that I was so happy with the sales person told me that I get my second crystal 35% off so I decided to get a keychain with it with our silly faces on it I got a small cube keychain with my family’s goofy faces on it! When I got this Crystal back it made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes.

Finally Father’s Day

Finally it was Father’s Day and all the hard work that han put into my crystal would have A purpose. The crystals came in a very elegant black box so all I had to do was wrap it. I took my dad out to the bowling arena for some food and I gave him the gift. He was so surprised and astonished he almost started crying. Seeing my dad with tears in his eyes of joy made me so happy and all of the hard work paid off. He absolutely LOVED the Crystal and was so thankful for my gift. He said he loved it so much and it was so realistic looking that it almost brought him back to that time. 

Recreating the picture 

Since we were at the bowling alley we decided to recreate the picture and put it on another crystal just for the fun of it. This one we got all together as a family now we have two crystals standing next to each other side-by-side of one when I was 18 years old and one when I was eight years old. This is the best object I have ever seen in my life because it is personal to me.