Warranty Policy

Han crystal is all about customer satisfaction. We want to ensure our customer's crystal are fully protected from any unforeseen accidents.
We offer a full coverage warranty plans starting at $19.99, so that your crystal is fully protected and you can rest assured that your memories last a lifetime.
The warranty can be added when buying a crystal. If you decide at a later time you have the option then to purchase a warranty. Click here to fill out the contact form, and we will return to you within a business day.

Warranty Policy:

This limited Warranty is only applied to Han Crystal products. Limited Warranty service is available in three varying options: Standard is 2 (two) years, Gold is 3 (three) years and Diamond is 5 (Five) years. The receipt should be emailed to info@hancrystal.com.


The Limited Warranty period begins on the date of purchase from Han Crystal . The legal term "receipt" is reffered to as proof of purchase. Proof of purchase is determined by your sales and delivery receipt. In order to start the process of replacing said crystal(s) you'll need submit the receipt to info@hancrystal.com. The limited warranty allows replacement of damaged crystal(s) up to a maximum of one time per purchase. Contact Han Crystal representative at info@hancrystal.com and rep' will instruct you on how to submit a video of said damaged crystal(s).
The following are conditions listed
under the Limited Warranty plan.


This limited warranty replacement is soly for the original price of the crystal(s) on purchase date. Han Crystal will not be held liable for any damages caused by the product including but not limited to: Any lost profits or savings, business interruptions, physical or property damage caused by the product itself, other commercial or economic losses of any kind, special incremental or any consequential damages. Han Crystal is not liable for any claim made by or on behalf of any third party.