What if I wish to request a specific layout?

We are more than happy for you to share your idea for a specific layout with us. This can be done using the 'Special Instructions' section, where you are able to detail where you want the image and text placed on the crystal. Or you can simply email there details to us at info@hancrystal.com

Am I able to add a symbol to my text?

Yes, are able to include symbols along with your text. If you wish to include any symbols, we would ask that you indicate this under 'Special Instructions’.

Is there a limit to the number of text characters I can use?

Due to space limitations we recommend you use no more of 40 characters, which includes spacing. This character limit was agreed upon as it works best with all crystal sizes and designs, and won’t take away from your chosen image.Even though we suggest you use no more than 40 characters including spaces, you are able[...]

What font options are available?

Cursiva will be the default choice unless it stated otherwise in the special instruction sectionavailable fonts: Arial, Blackadder, Georgia, Monotype, Cursiva and Script.

Am I able to include text on my crystal?

Yes, you can have whatever text you wish engraved on a crystal, along with your chosen image. If you wish to do this please type the text you wish to see added into the 'Add Engraving' field when placing your order. Please type it exactly as you wish it to appear on the Crystal. If[...]

Am I able to view a proof before ordering?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to offer proofs, but we will always do our utmost to accurately match the 3D engraving to the submitted image. Therefore, your photograph will serve as the proof.

Are there any limitations around photo quality?

We can accept most photos, but you will get a better outcome with higher quality photos. Please avoid photos that are blurry or dark. If you photo isn't suitable for conversion we may ask you to send us a different photo

Can I include more than the suggested number of figures?

The suggested number of figures (people, animals and objects) changes according to the shape and size of your crystal. If you choose to add more figures the detail and precision of the engraved image might be compromised. To achieve optimum results, we advise that you stick to the suggested number of figures.

Will the background of my photo be visible on the crystal?

If you order a Cube or Serrated crystal, the background might show up on the crystal engraving unless you state otherwise in the special instructions section. However, if you choose a different shape, the background will be automatically removed. If you do not want it removed then you need to state this in the field[...]